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Plan for your taxes before your business is off the ground. 

Leadership Requires 

Understanding .

Our business experts have a vast understanding of the way a business functions in every context. This means we have owned, started, managed, sold, purchased businesses  for ourselves and others since 1969 this makes us experts.


Our business experts have created business plans for ourselves and others tat include expansion, contraction and for start up businesses. We have been doing this since 1969, we are still creating entities in more than one sector. We are launching a new concept in December 2016,  you can review this new business by clicking on the link below.  ​


We have started several businesses across the country and internationally. We have owned and represented many owners in several sectors, including but not limited to the fields of consulting, wholesale, distribution, retail, manufacturing, warehousing, phone sales and so much more. We have a vast understanding of every area of today's business environment.


The founders of COBEX are disabled Vietnam Veterans. All members of our staff have owned several companies that together cover a large area of business. Our organization conducts itself with integrity in every context.. When you deal with COBEX you can be assured you have been directed to the experts you need. We are transparent in every context,  when discussing options with clients we tell it like it is be are here  to MANAGE

peoples expectations not to exploit them. Always Use Corporate Business Associates, "You'll Be Glad You Did"

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